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B1 - To define the involving Marketing strategy 2012-2014 and the Business Plan


3 or 4 days


The average enterprise in the hotel sector is, in order to render their hotels more cost effective, increasing their investments both in promo-sales and research as well as in human resources and innovation .

The Albergo diffuso provides much more than a hotel as it not only offers a structure but an entire cluster. The owners of the houses utilized, the cultural event organizers and the experts with whom the Albergo diffuso collaborates make up an essential part of the cluster. These people constitute the interests of the community and are called upon to professionally evolve with the Director, the President of the management enterprises and the Promoters of the Albergo diffuso.

This seminar aims to answer the following questions:
• How is it possible to blend all the interests of the most important local subjects in order to make the Albergo diffuso into a success ?
• How to make sure that the people involved do not disperse their efforts but create a cost-effective working team ?


The seminar is intended to render the making of important decisions easier and will cover the following points:

• the standard of service to be reached for all types of tourist and specific groups ;
• the activities where energy should be directed;
• initiatives to reinforce the competition of the Albergo diffuso;
• communication and sales;
• chapters, calendars and priorities of expenditure.

Destined for

Groups of maximum 8 - 10 people. This seminar is usually attended by:
• Managing Directors of management enterprises;
• Directors and Promoters of the Albergo diffuso;
• Local Administrators;
• External Collaborators (guides, people involved in hiring materials, Experts in local interests, etc.);
• Event organizations;
• Those involved in various sectors including agriculture, handy crafts, commerce, services and others;
• Others.


Italian, English


Various, including knowledge of the region and the existing resources.


The structure of the seminar includes the development of the following points:

• The economic potential of the structure;
• Marketing strategy;
• Communication guide-lines;
• The instruments, channles and methods of promotion;
• Reinforcing the competitivity of the structure;
• others.

(Application: minimum 51% of seminar hours. For further details see "Didactic Method")

Resultss obtained

Consist mainly of the following elements:
• the work plan to group the operators;
• the prices to gain objectives;
• the lay-out of the main instruments of promotion and sales;
• the business-plan to allocate money;
• the plan to reinforce the competitivity of the Ad as a touristic resort;
• A work agenda regarding the involvement of the stakeholders in the re-launch of the Albergo diffuso
• The instruments to check the results obtained.