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  • Spreaded Hospitality Enterprise (SHE or italian term IRC)

    A kind of enterprise which offers to its guests lodging in 2 or more hotel or non-hotel buildings, even different from each other, with a single management, and which can be considered a tourism product of the entire village. IRC's are: tourism rental agencies, residences, AD's and Paesi Albergo.
    Local Way Of Life

  • Spreaded Residence

    A receptive enterprise, made of a group of houses located in a single village, but far from each other, and with just few centralized services, such as booking and cleaning. One of the main difference between this and the Albergo diffuso formula consists in its non-hotelier status.

  • Second best

    This word, introduced by Lipsey and Lancaster about key-matters for economical balance, is used in economical policy to show a good solution, but a second-range one, to be used only if it's not possible to reach a result with another good solution, but a firs-range (or "first best") one. It assumes the different level of 2 or more solutions. The vision of co-operation as a "second best" solution is one of the more common risks in local tourism development strategies, in local tourism systems and in small groups of companies.
    Coopetitive model of doing business balances the importance of cooperation and competition.