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  • Coopetitive Index

    The position held by an Albergo Diffuso (PPP based) which uses houses and services in the hosting village, compared to competitors.

  • Co-opetition

    A system to reach results used by companies, based on their skill to compete with each other, but also to co-operate. Co-opetition should mean a "co-opetitive balance", but often it does not lead to balanced results.
  • Co-operative result

    The benefit which can be reached by a company only through co-operation with other companies, similar, different or competitive. Examples can be the markets where a company stays thanks to the selling network of another one, the possibility to propose discounts or lower prices for mutual services and products, coming from the increase of purchasing, additional know-how which can be reached without engaging new workers.
  • Co-opetitive system

    The union of 2 or more economical organizations which are direct competitors in the same cluster. This system can generate results from both individual (competitive) actions and mutual (co-opetitive) ones, with a certain balance among them. The cluster which hosts an Albergo Diffuso is an example of coopetitive system.
  • Coopetitive advantage

    The competitive advantage (Porter) reached by two or more organizations thanks to more productive co-operation.