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No more doubts thanks to those who went before you ...

No more doubts thanks to those who went before you...
  1. The decision to organize the seminars at the recommended S.I.S.A.D. in Friuli Venezia Giulia would require travelling and accommodation. Bearing this in mind, what would the advantages be?

    The recommended place is also a good exmnple of Albergo diffuso. The people who choose to organize their seminars in the centre have the possibility to visit the accommodation, and the reception to see how they work, and to experiment directly and apply what they have learned in an immediate way.

    This is only a suggestion. People can also organize their seminars in their own region or in other areas which are interested in the project of the Albergo diffuso saving money, without the possibility of a “full immersion” in of one or more of the more efficient structures of the Albergo diffuso.

  2. We are a group of people interested in the seminar on Organizing a Marketing and Business plan. It is not possible to attend the seminar on the date proposed. Would it be possible to partake in a similar one on another date?

    Yes, you can explain your requirements to the didactic consultant and arrange another date to fit in with your company, however it is not possible to repeat exactly the same seminar. Factors such as the number of participants, the work in which they are involved and the level of their knowledge and other factors vary from group to group which consequently influence the objectives of the seminars thus modifying the contents. Each seminar is unique. An average of 30 days are necessary to set up a successful seminar. 

  3. We are interested in attending three different seminars, but the fact that we are already working in the field means we want to avoid wasting time. Would it be possible to go into certain parts of the programme more deeply before the seminar?

    At S.I.S.A.D. we approve of this approach. Several of your colleagues, who have been hoteliers for three generations are converted to the Albergo diffuso, contacted us and we did out utmost to satisfy their demands. You can read their, and other peoples remarks on the seminar by consulting the page "News" on this site. In general, S.I.S.A.D. prepares the content of each seminar on the basis of what is called for, on the capacities and experience of what the participant requires in order to solve his problems. The purpose of the initial placement test is to personalize the seminar so as to make it truly useful as it is made to measure. 

  4. Do you also organize seminars on subjects other than the ones proposed and if so, does the cost remain the same? 

    It is useful to emphasis the model of the Albergo diffuso proposed at the beginning by the scientific Coordinator, as effective, efficient and sustainable therefore we also organize seminars which initially have not been planned when there is the demand.

    In this case the cost remains the same as the proposed seminars, however the time which elapses between the request for the participation and the date for the start of the seminar can not be less than month and a half for obvious reasons linked to the gathering of specific information and the procuring of the best trainers in the field, to providing the didactic material, tests, exercises etc. 

  5. What was the reason for setting up S.I.S.A.D ? 

    Nowadays hotel training schools base their teaching on the models from the past; for example "The Ritz" using a rigid "Swiss" system or that of the American style hotel (Holiday-Inn) with great emphasis on standards and little on uniqueness.

    The albergo diffuso is the hotel of the New Generation (see the report presented for the Convention ARE 22nd March 2007), very different with respect to a hotel, in terms of the product being offered (wide open spaces for the residents, offering not only one, but several buildings, and aiming to involve various types of people and local organizations, etc);

    The Ad also differs from a hotel in terms of the process of production. In contrast to other valid formulae such as the hotel, B&B, Residences, Farm holidays and Camping, etc., the Albergo diffuso is an enterprise whose effectiveness depends on the efficiency of a process of co-operation. To give an example, it would be difficult to find a Director of a Albergo duffuso capable of ordering something from a committee of event organizers, or a local mayor, or a hiring company which are organizations which make up the product, autonomous yet inter-dependent.

    Here are some of the reasons why we felt a series of seminars dedicated to the Albergo diffuso would be appropriate.

    Additionally since 2007, in direct contrast to other schools, S.I.S.A.D. does not depend on public funding ...