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B3 - Web-Marketing dynamic and the management of evolved Software


2 days (14 full working hours)


The increase of the registered sales in the sector of transport on-line flights, means that the sectors occupied with tourism have reported a growth in the business of over 20% (source: Comscore Network, 2006). 

Today, thanks to “everyone on line”, structures of a small dimension such as the Albergo diffuso can gain access to the global market at extremely reduced costs. This dynamic favours the concentration of the operators using the web.

This seminar strives to answer the following question:

• How is it possible to make the most of all the opportunities that derive from the Internet revolution and technology to market and run the Albergo diffuso with the minimum of expenditure in terms of time and money ?


The type of seminar presented here they consists of:
• increasing the demands for information and personalized requirements, brief guides, and to catalogue potential guests;
• presenting the latest information of management programmes designed to organize the marketing ,the front-office, the back-office, communication to the PS organs, in such a way that managerial sector saves time and money;
• selecting the most appropriate software according to the marketing and organizational aims and effect the simulation of its use.

Destined for

Groups of maximum 10 people. Those likely to participate in this seminar are as follows;
• Directors of management companies;
• Directors and promoters of the Albergo diffuso;
• Local Administrators;
• Those involved in administration (tax officials, tax consultants, accountants and book keepers for the Ad);
• Householders and members non-householders;


Italian, English


Knowledge of the most important necessities for the everyday management of the structure.


The seminar – base aims to develop the following points:
• Familiarization with the strategic aims and sales for the geographic market, types of products, period of the year etc.;
• Real-time Management for the service demands on the part of the guests applied to the Albergo Diffuso;
• The appropriate software and the initiative for active research of clients through the web;
• others.

(Application: minimum 51% seminar hours. For further details see "Didactic Method")

Resultss obtained

At the end of the seminar the participants will have improved the efficiency of the Albergo diffuso on the internet, or they will have:
• reinforced and set up the structure of their own web site in line with the overall strategy;
• created a graphic project of the promotional instruments and sales via the web;
• created an address book of useful contacts;

Furthermore the participants will have selected the appropriate software and will have begun to utilize it under the guidance of a skilled instructor in web marketing for the Albergo diffuso.