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B2 - Alternative Marketing, innovative and cost-effective


2 days


Investing in a web site is a necessary choice for anyone wishing to do promotion and sales, but is it always the case? The strategy of the Albergo Diffusso considers various groups of people –promotional goal - the elderly:

• Is the web the best instrument yet ?
• In general, how can the product be promoted at Trade Fairs, workshops and” eductour” to come across as original and inimitable in the world ?
• How to optimize the budget for the promotion?

This seminar considers it to be important “not to be swept away by the opportunities”, but rather to create initiative to entice the potential guest and to make all aspects of the promotion and successive sales visible.


The hypothesis formulated here consists of:

• reducing the risk that, through traditional Marketing, the image of the Albergo diffuso is debased and might become confused with the more artificial image of the traditional hotel;

• integrating the marketing initiative already planned with other types which are able to give the maximum exposure to the Albergo diffuse on the national market and abroad.

Destined for

Groups of maximum 8 people. Those likely to participate in this seminar are:
• Managing Directors of management companies;
• Directors and Promoters of the Albergo diffuso;
• Those occupied in the restaurant, the office and reception;
• Suppliers marketing services and animation.


Italian, English


Three alternatives:
• Minimum experience in promotion sales of the tourist market;
• Awareness of promotion budget;
• Awareness of the gaps between obtained results and the expected results of the single sales initiative


• Cost/results analysis of the initiative activated for specific markets / products /type of client;
• The analysis of the necessity for innovation introduced in the promo-sales plan;
• The development of original ideas through techniques to encourage creativity;
• The selection and organization which present the best guarantee for success;
• Others.

(Application minimum 51% of seminar hours. For further details see: "Didactic Method")

Resultss obtained

At the end of the seminar the participants will have:
• been informed about, evaluated and individuated a short-list of instruments for the implementation of the sales initiative in line with their own aims optimizing the rapport cost / time / results;
• will have set up one or more sales initiatives in line with the sales strategy aimed at increasing the exposure of the structure with respect to other albergo diffuso enterprises. Implementing an example of an action alternative marketing the organization of a meeting with famous poets with already acquired guests, along with others who are potentially interested in the theme;
• set up instruments to monitor and report the results among the several stakeholders;
• selected potential sponsors for each initiative.