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D1 - To reinforce internal agreements according to the aims, to priorities and the strategy of the albergo diffuso


1 day (8 full working hours)


To create a business strategy means to predict the type of people with whom there will a greater necessity to involve and to understand the type of rapport to establish with each one of them and develop it together with the network of commercial relationships on which to depend.

It can happen that these relationships are conducted according to verbal agreements, but in the case of an innovative enterprise such as the Albergo diffuso, the risk of misunderstandings is more likely to happen than in the case of an ordinary hotel. 

An “agreement between two or more parties to constitute, regulate or extinguish between themselves a legal rapport“ so it an act which requires the of necessary prudence. 

This seminar intends to supply the answer to the following question:

• How is it possible to create a consistent format for a contract which is both complete and exact in such a way as to establish the utmost security and trust between the collaborating parties ?


The outcome of this seminar is to: 
• transmit a new business mentality which is more aware of the contractual problems;
• up-grade the skills of those in charge regarding the complexity of modern economic relations;
• define the structure of the legal agreement between the partners;

Destined for

Group of maximum 6 - 8 people. Aimed at; 
• Managing Directors, executives and those occupied in management; 
• Local Administrators;
• Legal advisors;
• others.


Italian, English


Knowledge of the main practical necessities to respect in order to establish the main agreement and the subsidiary agreements beween the Albergo diffuso and its suppliers (restaurants, guides, veichle-renters or others.


Consist of most importantly:

• to single out the demands of the business contract;
• in evaluating the problems associated with maintaining commercial relations in the area;
• to understand the general contractual schemes for partnership regulations, suppliers contracts / collaborators / and of promotional conventions;
• others.

( Application: minimum 51% of seminar hours. For further details see "Didactic method")

Resultss obtained

Consist of:
• to render the structure of the internal regulations consistent with the statute, and flexible with respect to the requirements and adapted to support the strategy;
• to be aware of the main types of conventions with those connected to the restaurant and services;
• to set up the conventions most appropriate for each Albergo diffuso;
• other.


Duration 1-3 Peoples 4-7 Peoples 8-15 Peoples
1 Day 800 € 300 € 200 €