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C1 - Select the right properties and setting up the albergo diffuso in the correct way from the management and administrative point of view


2 days(14 full working hours)


As the albergo diffuso constitutes an innovative tourist business it is not easy to find automatic references in making contracts, in the administrative legislation and national tax system. It is therefore important to go into these aspects in order to overcome the hurdles and the lack of knowledge prevalent in the offices and public institutions so the authorization and the control is left to the structure in question.

This seminar intends to answer the following questions:

• How to establish relations with the owners of the houses accepted ?

• How to regulate the house owners with the members who pay sums of money ?

• In the case of the Albergo diffuso benefiting from public contributions, how to make sure that those receiving funds are adequately qualified from the bureaucratic point of view, and that they correspond to the administrative regulations ?


Consist of helping the participants to:
• select the properties respecting the model of the Albergo diffuso in use on a national level and regional peculiarities;
• create internal regulations linked to the statute;
• clarify the transactions with the Albergo diffuso;
• other.

Destined for

Group of maximum 12 - 15 people. Those who participate in this seminar are usually 
• Householders;
• Local technicians and civil servants; 
• Managing Directors of Management companies, Directors, Promoters and tax consultants of the structure.


Italian, English


Knowledge of the lay-out, the location and main characteristics of the properties and the general modality to manage resources for means of tourism.


The structure of the seminar develops the following points:
• Check-up of property heritage;
• to detail the aims of the qualities of the properties;
• to set up the minimum standards guaranteed;
• Analysis of services and products offered by the structure;
• to set up and test out the book keeping systems;
• Other.

(Application of principles: minimum 51% of seminar hours. For further details see" Didactic Method")

Resultss obtained

Consist of: 
• the central nucleus of the albergo diffuso is located in the heart of the properties ;
• the centre of the organization;
• reduction of costs linked to logistics;
• knowledge of the way to organize the internal operations of the structure with the utmost safety from the very beginning and as far as particular investments are concerned;
• other.