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A1 - Workshop about awareness, feasibility and planning of an Albergo diffuso


2 to 8 hours


The reason for funding a hotel can be different. Some owners say they did this because they "inherited a piece of ground", other because "the location was good", other because "it's my business!". That's not the right way to start any kind of hotel.

The Albergo diffuso's management costs are higher than a traditional hotel. Maintenance costs of the estate are higher than an hotel. Besides there are the costs for cleaning the houses, the time loss for moving between the reception place and the houses, the possibly slower growth of services offered by the village, than the ones offered by the IRD, and the possible decrease of these service's value and customer's willingness to pay for them. We must consider finally, the tough economical situation, the strong competition and the chance of comparing prices via the internet. The question this seminar wants to answer is the following:

  • Are we adapt and ready for the Albergo diffuso?


Supplying complete and uptodated information in order to analyse the feasibility of an Albergo diffuso in the local scenario, and to plan its main assets.

Destined for

  • Traditional hotel operators
  • Houses and flats owners
  • Private and public investors
  • Public Authorities
  • Associations
  • Local consortium and incoming agencies


english, spanish




  • pro's and con's of different kind of IRD
  • potentiality and traps to avoid regarding each of one
  • assets which make an Albergo diffuso an appealing formula
  • sustainable targets achieved and to achieve
  • others Albergo diffuso's automatic and possible advantages
  • characteristics of the virtuous Albergo Diffuso
  • basic village's quality requirements
  • most valuable financial sources for starting the enterprise
  • a working method to manage Public Private Partnerships called Partnering, started in 1993, and used since 2004

Resultss obtained

  • evaluation of the possibilities for the workshop' location to become the seat of a virtuous Albergo Diffuso, or to receive other inovative receptive formulas
  • success expectations, responsabilities of evaluation group
  • initial hypotesis to start an hotel enterprise, a non hotel one, or several ones
  • first important decisions in order to make the enterprise more profitable than average competitors, capable┬áto maximize income and minimize time & cost losses