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E3 - Energy saving and self-producing of renewable one at Albergo diffuso


1 day (7 full working hours)


The research and utilization of sources of alternative energy is essential nowadays to develop an emergency energy plan both on a local and worldwide level.

The Albergo diffuso which uses new sources of energy, for the reason that it is more economical and more readily available, is advantageous, not only as far as the impact on the environment is concerned but also for the management of the expences for a medium or long- term period in the structure.

The question being asked in this case is:

•Is it possible nowadays for an Albergo diffuso to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels in an economical way through awareness of the problem, technology, software and equipment ?


the initial version of this seminar consists of:
• being informed about all the national, international regulations and of the regional/local concessions;
• aknowledging of the alternative sources of energy that can be utilized in the albergo diffuso (hydro-electric, wind, eolica, biomass, solar,and photovoltaic energy);
• developing the skill to create and operate energy plants in loco.

Destined for

• Local Administrators;
• Technicians;
• Managing Directors and directors of management companies;
• Householders;
• Administrators and accountants of the Albergo diffuso;
• Energy suppliers and technicians;
• others


Italian, English


Knowledge of ways of utilizing energy and annual budgets for public and private enterprises.


The basic structure of the seminar is as follows:
• Aims and growth in the development of the Albergo Diffuso;
•the appropriate strategy based on renewable sources of energy;
• realistic procedure similar on a national and European level;
• strategy of energy differentiation;
• marketing of energy strategy in accordance with economic aims.

(Application: minimum 51% of the seminar. For further details see: vedi "Didactic method")

Resultss obtained

Most importantly consist of:
• in the introduction of the every-day management of the Albergo Diffuso respect for the environment will be covered in a practical way in order to promote and achieve a developmental policy and increase the competitiveness;
• in defining nella definizione di misure straordinarie di tipo pluriennale compatibili con i budget gestionali esistenti;???
• rapidly expansion in the numbers of clients choosing the Albergo Diffuso, using criteri in line with the running of thre albergo diffuso with a predictable concrete return in economic and market especially in the Northern European countries and in the big cities;
• substituting a relatively in-contaminated landscape thanks to the existence of the Albergo diffuso.