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B4 - B4 Real time pricing for Albergo diffuso and Paese Albergo


1 day (8 hours)


Price lever has always been very manageable and often used in the marketing field. Anyway, new selling techniques have been named "advanced booking", "last minute", "pricing in time", "real time pricing": all of these have price and real time pricing as common features.
Some operators think it's a kind of fashion, other ones that's unfair to change the prices at the last minute; unfortunately, or maybe luckily, both groups are likely to lose large shares of the market.
Managing prices and enterprises "real time" is a different way to think of an economical-managerial system for the enterprise, born in 1948 thanks to Taichi Ohno, General Manager of Toyota, and now known as "Toyota System".
Scientists from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) were the first to discover this management system in the Seventies. Nowadays thousand of companies, in the standard producers market as automobile, building or technologies, use this method; they often are leading companies in their respective fields: Toyota, which in the Fifties was near bankrupt, is now the biggest car-producing firm.
This system is "new", as it has recently entered the tourism field, which has always been (until recently) lacking in know-how, compared to other sectors with higher budgets.


This workshop would like to help the operators to:

  • increase occupation level in low season;
  • increase financial income of the enterprise "coeteris paribus", without changing services, or
  • improving technologies, or asking the staff a bigger effort.

Destined for

Technical directors of Albergo diffuso which are already operating; this workshop is not intended to people or associations who are still defining their goals. The pricing efficiency is related to certified data about selling, lack of selling and financial goals.


English, italian


knowledge of occupation increase, selling, income ratings, throughout the year.


They depends on the level of pricing you are interested in:

  • Operative pricing: managing prices, based on amounts and kinds of demand
  • Tactical pricing: reacting to commercial strategies of competitors, working in the same direction
  • Strategic pricing: proposing different prices based on the target
  • Co-pricing: coordinating price strategies by two or more competing (or not) enterprises

Resultss obtained

  • a new approach to manage the accont problems and opportunities;
  • kind of setting discount strategies;
  • a simple, but innovative and strict, set of instrument to increase the company's incomes in high, medium and low seasons.


Duration 1-3 Peoples 4-7 Peoples 8-15 Peoples
1 Day 600 € 300 € 200 €