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C1 - Project “to raise” European, national and regional funding


2 days (14 full working hours)


In the field of tourism, the management companies intend to intensify the sales initiative and to improve their endowment as there are often problems linked with limited financial funding.

In order to resolve these problems public finance from the community on a national and regional level are available, but to create successful projects requires time and runs the risk of losing this financial opportunity. This happens due to the fact that the legislation, the economic availability and the bureaucracy, on a local and national level, is being continually up-dated.

This seminar aims to answer the following question:

• How is it possible to make the most of the best opportunities offered by the public structures and credit facilities ?

• What is the best way to create a good project of co-financing for the Albergo diffuso ?


This seminar proposes the participants to:
• make the most of the opportunities offered by local and national programmes;
• develop projects in line with the required standards of the institutions supplying the funds with an individualized competitively reinforced plan. 

Destined for

Group of maximum 8 -10 people. Those who are likely to participate are:
• Proprietari di case;
• Managing directors of management companies;
• Directors and Promoters – sales of Albergo diffuso;
• Private investors;
• others.


Italian, English


The seminar requires no basic technical-economic knowledge and can be attended by all those interested in this opportunity and the problems of financing a business.


• the analysis of financial needs in relation to the strategy;
• the sources of “the best” European and national contributions;
• references and contacts with the institutions in question;
• the standard and format of the plan;
• working on the plan.

(Application: minimum 51% of the duration of the seminar. For further details see " Didactic Method")

Resultss obtained

At the end of the seminar the participant will have: 
• identified the most appropriate sources for individual requirements;
• created individual financial project;
• selected the actions aimed to implement the project and the right board-offices;
• other.