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E2 - Optimizing the ways to use and economic valuation of the water


1 day (7 full working hours)


A local or regional area is like a water mine in that it is extremely useful, not only for the guests, but also for the community around the Albergo diffuso. 

For this reason correct use of the resources both in mountain, hill or seaside areas is essential. 

The question we ask is:

• How to obtain great savings on the management costs and create opportunities for companies in the communities where the Albergo diffuso is located?


In the introductive seminar covering this issue the following topics will be covered:
• awareness of the economic and occupational value of the resources at their disposition;
• transferring useful technical know-how in order to find fast efficient alternatives (use of hydro-electric power, drinking water, thermal hydro-mineral, fire safety/industrial, irrigation);
• safeguard and improve the characteristics of the existing water supply as a special element of the environment.

Destined for

Groups of maximum 15 people. Those likely to participate in this seminar:
• Local Administration;
• Management companies;
•Regional groups of technicians involved in the Albergo Diffuso project;
• Partnership between already existing Albergo diffuso projects;
• others


Italian, English


General knowledge of:
• the local water supply;
• the way in which it is utilized
• the relative costs


In the basic structure of this seminar the following aspects will be developed:
• the strategy and environmental policy of the structure;
• in depth knowledge of the regulations starting from the community executive 2000/60; 
• evaluation of the possibility of utilizing local water sources for human consumption, hydro-electric power, thermo-mineral use etc. evaluation of the risks and advantages of exploiting the water supply in mountainous and non-mountainous areas.

(Application: minimum 51% of the seminar. For further details see: vedi "Didactic method")

Resultss obtained

Consist mainly of instilling:
• awareness and information of local water supplies;
• skills to evaluate the possibility of a better exploitation of natural water;
• the specific technical knowledge to make full use of the regional and local concessions;
• knowledge of the ways to draw up documents in order to exploit water.