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C3 - Intensive workshop for the touristic fluency of the English language


2 days (14 full working hours)


The most evolved type of international client clearly requires bilingual staff in the tourism structure, nevertheless these type of clients appreciate the presence of only a few people in the community hosting them that are able to communicate in their language (Source: SIGMATUR - FVG Touristic Observatory Regional Programme, d&p, 2006).

Guests can often not feel at ease while on holiday and this can be amplified by the differences between the respective cultures [Selznick]. These feelings of being ill at ease can often be provoked by the staff who assume that they are communicating correctly when in actual fact have only a limited knowledge of the grammar, vocabulary and most frequent idioms..

The question which needs to be answered is:

• How can we make sure that the management speak English correctly in order to communicate with the guests they are hosting, while promoting the business and to do public relations with the media world?


This seminar proposes to assist the staff who are active in the running of the Albergo diffuso 
A) to build direct, simple and effective phrases;
B) to speak English correctly: 
• with the guests;
• for negotiating;
• to the media; 
thus obtaining, through the knowledge of a foreign language, an advantage over the competition of the other lodging enterprises.

Destined for

A maximum of 8 people will be able to participate in this seminar such as: 
• Directors of management companies;
• People in the public sector; 
• Directors and Promoters; 
• Service suppliers;
• other working people.


Italian, English


An intermediate knowledge of English and a basic tourism vocabulary is required ( linguistic skills can determine to a remarkable extent the modification of the aims and the contents of a single laboratory).


The meeting of a group of “lower-intermediate” participants would develop the following points:
• Practice of dialogues in typical situations;
• elements of English way-of-thinking;
• English grammar with specific aims;
• the use of an appropriate vocabulary for communication;
• improvement of speaking ability;
• improvement of listening comprehension;
• useful tips so that the English speaking guests are satisfied with the level of service.;
• other.

( Application: minimum 51% of seminar hours. For further details see "Didactic Method")

Resultss obtained

Consist of a general improvement in the participants capacity to:

• use basic grammar which is truly useful to reach a good level of precision;
• learn different grammatical structures based on the type of person or on the circumstances;
• extend most commonly used vocabulary;
• relate to the guest in a one-to-one dialogue, on the telephone or via e-mail;
• cope with queries from the guest in their own language;
• negotiate with trade on a one-to-one basis;
• converse with the media and understand the requirements;
• make the most of the opportunities offered by local institutions, public tourism agencies, societies etc. to gain an advantage over other structures of the Albergo diffuso.


Duration 1-3 Peoples 4-7 Peoples 8-15 Peoples
2 Days 500 € 300 € 200 €