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E4 - The management of refuse and the reduction of relative costs


1 day (7 full working hours)


The way in which refuse is managed represents "the litmus paper test" which is able to indicate the environmental awareness of an entire community.

For this reason in order to speak about “the guests rubbish” correct information and the awareness of all the factors involved is required. In fact this aspect has great impact not only as far as the satisfaction of the guest is concerned but also on that of the population in general in the local area .

Therefore it is useful to ask ourselves the following question:

• How is it possibile for the Albergo diffuso to render the community of which it is a part even more realistic, responsible and attentive towards the control of the production of both solid urban and recyclable waste ?


Consist of :
• up-dating the participant on all the relevant regulations in question;
• improving the capacity to discriminate between different types of refuse;
• making the most of personal use( the means and equipment necessary to create a compost heap);
• re-couperating economic resources (often considerable)

Destined for

Groups of maximum 15 people, such as:
• Local Administration, 
• Management Companies, 
• Regional groups of technicians involved in the Albergo Diffuso project.


Italian, English


Good knowledge of general aspects connected to refuse collection, management and the utilization of the refuse produced by the community in which the Albergo difuso is located.


The basic structure of the seminar is as follows:
• national and international laws and regulations;
• Provincial and regional aims;
• definition of a collection service plan; 
• innovation and improvement of recycling materials.