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D3 - To set up a Sales network of the Club


1 day (8 full working hours)


In the small world of the Albergo diffuso, it is important to gain exposure to selected people and not to the general market of thousands.

Despite it being a widespread objective, in a few regions of Italy, the services guaranteed by all the Albergo Diffuso are not always communicated.clearly. Some of the structures do not promote and sell at the same moment, thus wasting valuable opportunities. Moreover, especially in the areas involved in hotel promotion, the promotion plans for the albergo diffuso do not always receive the attention that they deserve which often overlooks the big difference between the classic tourist and the “temporary resident” who resides in the albergo diffuso (Dall'Ara).

Regarding this, “delegating” the sales function to external travel agencies or tour-operators is a drawback, as bringing into play a third party, however efficient it might be, it involves extra costs and as a result the structure makes less profit

The delicate question which we intend to answer in the seminar is as follows:

• How is it possible to make sure that the sales strategy achieve the best results with the minimum use of resources ?


Consist of making definitions, considering the objectives:
• sales strategies;
• shares; 
• channels;
• methods;
• more appropriate promotional-sales, which convey the right impression of the Albergo diffuso towards:
• the public;
• the trade (tour operators and agencies).

Destined for

Groups of maximum 15 – 20 people. Aimed at:
• Managing Directors and Directors and Promoters of management companies, 
• Local and non-local Administrators ;
• Chairmen of committees and organizations, companies, businesses;


1 day (8 full working hours)


Knowledge of the potential of places available (beds)in the albergo diffuso, residual financial gains, basic knowledge of the obstacles impeding sales iniziative and the availalbility of the own promotional budget.


The following issues are considered:
• the analysis of individual commercialization;
• the analysis of efficiency and the extension of the obtained benefits (equity);
• determining the obstacles of every commercial initiative;
• adaption of the budget to be adopted;
• organization of the instruments, the methods and the channels of collective sales;
• others.

(Application: minimum 51% of seminar time. For further details see "Didactic Method")

Resultss obtained

In the simple form the proposals consist of:
• in the graphic elements in order to highlight and place the network of regional A.d. in the overall picture of the national network;
• in the commercial sponsorship of the regional sales plan;
• in the “Who-does-what” in each A.d., institutions, sponsors, etc. in sales phase;
• the timing – marketing agenda working on the network;
• monitoring systems – to improve the results obtained by the Partnership;
• others.