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E1 - The Albergo diffuso seen as a champion of environmental efficiency: maximizing the use natural resources, eco-sustainability and environment certificate


2 days (14 hours full working )


In the Northern European countries and the large urban areas, atmospheric pollution and various violent manifestations of nature has made thousands of people more aware of environmental issues.

In tourism, in various continents, eco-villages and eco-hotels immersed in the countryside,, and in Italy, of the emergence of new ecological structures such as the Albergo diffuso.

The question which will be attempted to answer therefore is:

• How will it be possible that the Albergo diffuso or the Partnership between the A.d. capitalize this renewed "affection that man has for nature" and to make full use of the role of valuing, promoting and teaching of the resources ?


The simplified form of the seminar regarding the following ends:

• Make the Albergo diffuso eco-compatible and eco-sustainable;
• guarantee that the resources are utilized in a sustainable way even overlong periods;
• render the management eco-compatible as an element to increase the exposure as a tourism structure.

Destined for

Groups of maximum 10 people. Those likely to participate. 
• Local Administrators
• Executives and staff of management companies
• house owners making up the albergo diffuso
• others


Italian, English


General knowledge of natural resources, climate, the local landscape where the structure is located.


• outlining of aims of growth of the volume of tourists, economy, jobs within the structure etc
• determining an eco-compatible management plan which satisfies the requirements of the environmental certificate(ISO 14000, EMAS, etc.)
• creating an image of efficiency-effectiveness-economic on the site in question
• creating the initiative to advertise the eco-compatible management of the Albergo diffuso (conventions, articles to circulate, sponsorships, etc.
• others

( Application: minimum 51% of the seminar. For further details see: vedi "Didactic method")

Resultss obtained

Most importantly consist of:
• in the introduction of the every-day management of the Albergo Diffuso respect for the environment will be covered in a practical way in order to promote and achieve a developmental policy and increase the competitiveness
• in defining nella definizione di misure straordinarie di tipo pluriennale compatibili con i budget gestionali esistenti;???
• rapidly expansion in the numbers of clients choosing the Albergo Diffuso, using criteri in line with the running of thre albergo diffuso with a predictable concrete return in economic and market especially in the Northern European countries and in the big cities
• substituting a relatively in-contaminated landscape thanks to the existence of the Albergo diffuso.