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D2 - To create and Reinforcing of the Alberghi diffusi's provincial/regional Club


1 day (8 full working hours)


In the fields of economics and politics, expressions such as “partnership”, “system” or “ team spirit” are increasingly more popular. As far as tourism is concerned the use of these terms indicates a shift in this epoch from the economics of competition towards the economics of cooperation and it is from this that we can affirm that the company has become cooperative and competitive.

There are thousands of companies who wish to work together in order to obtain services and products for every day use, to centralize quality functions, to make sales agreements and for many other reasons.

This seminar strives to supply comprehensive answers to the following questions:

• How is it possible to expand the Albergo diffuso beyond the limits of its dimensions in a rapid, economical and concrete way ?


Mainly consists of defining the system of work in the following areas:
• defining the quality levels for the network and the strategic differences between each Albergo diffuso;
• setting up a centralized service for the purchases;
• to select the activities that can be centralized.

Destined for

Group of maximum 15 20 people. Suitable for the following participants: 
• Managing Directors, Directors and Promoters of management companies, 
• Public administrators, 
• Product and service suppliers;
• others.


Italian, English


Interested personnel from the Albergo diffuso: 

• to achieve sound financial funding;
• participants with an aim and a formalized strategy in mind;
• for ones own survival does not "depend upon" public funding.


A typical proposal, which has been modified from previous editions includes:

• the individual analysis of the competitive position;
• the highlighting of individual obstacles in the growth of: services, turnover, profit, internal occupation and local benefits;
• the setting up of a integrated strategic plan and best options;
• the clarifying of expected results, organization of purchasing, centralization, localization and promotion-sales;
• the determining of indicators and control systems to check the success rates and improve results;
• l’analisi delle posizioni competitive.

(Application: minimum 51% of seminar hours. For further details see “Didactic Method")

Resultss obtained

At the end of the seminar the participants will have achieved:
• a working partnership between the albergo diffuso which make up the same Local Tourist System;
• the margins and financial turnover;
• the system of “ collective purchasing”;
• instruments for grouping people such as the Central Reservation System which is more appropriate for achieving sales targets or the E-card for loyalty aims;
• to choose the most appropriate legal contracts to achieve the goals of the Albergo Diffusso regional partnership.
• others.