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B5 - Evolving the Corporate Newsletter from Communication into Sales instrument


8 hours


A corporate newsletter is a relatively new communication device, nowadays very often used in several economical and social fields, by both big and small companies, from service suppliers to civil institutions and associations.
A newsletter is useful in keeping a regular relationship with customers, in getting knowledge from a wider audience, in trying to make potential customers become new ones.
Despite this, not all the alberghi diffusi's have their own newsletter, and some make newletters which are little professional and give no help to Albergo diffuso's to keep a relationship with their customers.

This workshop wants to answer to questions like these:

  • How can I improve the Sales System through the Corporate newsletter?
  • What contents should we include in order to keep contact, discreetly but regularly, giving information about (for instance) events organised by the company, offers and prices, new legal rules, and so on...
  • How can we make a personalised newsletter for each customer?


Making a "rulebook" for writing a newsletter about the field of OD, preparing a tryout of a newsletter; creating the right way to manage this device.

Destined for

  • Spreaded Hospitality and Albergo diffuso's Enterpreneur
  • Public Authorithies
  • Trade operators
  • ...


English, Italian


No-one. An average experience in sales can help the participants to understand the existing tradeoffs in the use of a Newsletter as a Sales instrument.


  • Macro-trends of newletter use (in Italy and in Europe), and incomes for the companies;
  • choosing the right kind of newsletter fore the Albergo diffuso;
  • understanding the existing differencies between newsletter for traditional hotels and for Albergo diffuso's
  • ...
  • laying out the Corporate newsletter (at least 51 % of the overall length of the seminar)

Resultss obtained

  • Knowledge of assets in order to tell a device which can be useful to Albergo diffuso's from one who can not;
  • a newsletter who can make the potential guests curious, so that they are willing to get a copy during fairs, workshops, events... rather than other ones;
  • ...
  • a basic text, clear and efficient, which helps the guest to understand the contents, and to keep the copy without throwing it away;
  • a simple but strict system in order to manage the newsletter release and the feedback.



Duration 1-3 Peoples 4-7 Peoples 8-15 Peoples
1 Day 900 € 600 € 200 €