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A2 - Intensive course to create Albergo Diffusos (scattered hotels) enterprises


2 days


Creating an Albergo Diffuso (litterally: scattered hotel) is not always simple. There were in Italy more than 200 AD's projects at the end of 2010, meanwile the running AD created since 1995 where less than 100. The Associazione nazionale Alberghi Diffusi - national scattered hotelier association verified the authentic ADs were only 60. Not all the business opportunity ideas produces a real AD. (Dall'Ara) What are so, the traps to avoid in order to create an Albergo Diffuso?


They consists in helping the participants to the Intensive training course to:

  • know and understnd the pittfalls to avoid in setting-up the proposal;
  • imitating the existing best experiences;
  • lowering time and money-waste;
  • obtaining more public and private funds;
  • etc.;

Destined for

Persons who wants deeply explore the business opportunity before deciding to invest in its development or not; private and public investors; non-profit associations who wants to deploy the development opportunity toghether whith others, university students;




They are no necessary qualification requested to attend this course which contents will vary depending on the aveage knowledge level of the participants.


1. Choosing rents and business opportunities from the existing "Menu of opportunities";
2. Understanding the existing distance between you and the launch-event of the structure;
3. Co-creating the business opportunity/ies in a detailed way;
4. Obtaining public and private funds to invest the project;

(you can ask more specific informations about the contents of this seminar writing an e-mail at:

Resultss obtained

  • the decision to deploy the AD's business opportunity only or to work on other existing business opportinities within sectors as agricolture, craftmans, small commerce, etc.
  • the definition of the enacting business opportunities environment within the same village or historical centre;
  • the issue of the business-plan to better evaluate, to clarify, to define, to change radically, etc;
  • the "working in progress agenda" which points-out "things to do and not to do", potentially partners necessity to meet and to avoid, etc.
  • know-how about public and private funding and the procedures to follow in order to activate them.