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Seminars and wokshops

SISAD organizes its seminars as a workshops based on real needs of people who have an interest in starting new enterprises, or of owners and managers of active companies. So, workshops of the same kind are different than the previous ones. The most demanded seminars-workshops are held with the "satisfaction guaranteed" formula.
SISAD's staff prepares non-committing "ad hoc" proposals. Ask for it by sending us an E-mail.

Intensive Technical Seminars

Tools A) Attractiveness and Feasibility B) Marketing & Sales C) Competitiveness D) Co-marketing & Co-Management E) Eco-business, Culture Heritage & Environment Preservation
Awareness A1 - - - -
Activation B1 C1 D1-D2 E1
Strengthening B2-B4 C1 D1 E2
Excellence B3-B4 C3 D4 E1