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Garibaldi Hotels is setting-up its first Albergo Diffuso

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Garibaldi Hotels is "a young company who has hospitality as its core business" dedicating to children and up-class segments. Among Company's proposals there are Campoverde Village in Apulia Region, the Hotel Residence Borgo Saraceno in Sardinia ore Hotel Monzoni in the Dolomites, among Others. Its diversification strategy, recently approved, encompasses the setting-up of an Albergo Diffuso in Carovigno (Apulia region), one of the most suitable historical cntres as it was suggested by a SISAD analysis delivered within a co-produced CIASU - SISAD course hold in 2013. We hope that one or more young students who participated in that course and dedicated their attention and fatigue to plan an Albergo Diffuso in Carovigno will be involved in the setting up and / or management of that product.

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