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Campania Costa Castelli: which is the role played by the Albergo Diffuso in the achievement of your targets?

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The new network called Campania Costa Castelli (CCC), which has been established by fourteen entrepreneurial realities in Campania among which the Grand Hotel Parker's in Naples, the Plana Resort in Castel Volturno, has just set up the ambitious goals of activating investments for over 72 million euros and creating 320 new jobs.  To achieve these objectives, CCC plans to recover some realities of the architectural and environmental heritage of Campania that today are in a state of abandonment to create "new hotel concepts" such as the Wellness Hotel, the Albergo Diffuso (litterally translated in "scattered hotel"), the Eco Hotel and the hotels of charm (link). However, the Albergo Diffuso seems to be the most recent of those "new hotel concepts" here mentioned. Ok, it is well known that the Albergo Diffuso it is not a new one in absolute terms because of its name dating back to 1982 (architect Carlo Toson's and poet Leonardo Zanier's name) and a further Dall'Ara's model of hospitality.  Nevertheless, the wellness hotel, eco-hotels and charming hotels are based on concepts having lots more life.  It is expected that CCC will focus more on alberghi diffusis than on the others hospitality models mentioned to develop new its "versions" increasingly suitable for those seeking wellness, environmental sustainability and high-end services. These could be innovative enough to increase the tourist attractiveness of places on the international market. From here it could be possible to progressively increase financial efficiency, equity and environmental sustainability of investments.
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