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Why should we consider the huge potentials of Africa for scattered hospitality development purposes?

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Why should we consider the huge potentials of Africa for scattered hospitality development purposes?
A typical African hut can become part of a Widespread Hotel. For instance by complying with precise rules regarding the model of hospitality, security and the model of partnership required. African lodges potentials are huge and waiting to be discovered by most experienced travellers. The SISAD is trying to facilitate that process.


Do you want to prepare an original thesis on the Albergo Diffuso? (literally translated "scattered hotel") We can help you out

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Do you want to prepare an original thesis on the Albergo Diffuso? (literally translated
Are you a student of the Degree Courses in Science and Techniques of Cultural Tourism? Are you studying subjects linked to the tourism development field? Are you looking for the right idea for your degree thesis in the Albergo Diffuso but you don't know how to emerge from the pack? If so, you're on the right place.
There are hundreds of theses about the Albergo Diffuso in Italy. As their number grows it is always more difficult to prepare an original thesis in this field. A not very innovative degree thesis, even if experimental, makes it harder for you to reach the maximum score. We want to help you out and improve your average score.
The International School Specializing in the Albergo Diffuso is available to collaborate with students, and their teachers, who are interested in developing innovative thesis ideas in the Albergo Diffuso research field. Furthermore, we are thinking about the way in which to create professional linkages after you've been reaching that hard-won goal. Why do we do that? Because we are also trying to produce new know-how in this field and promote your thesis. We can join forces in practice and not just in theory.
In Italy there are over 6,000,000 empty real estate units (ISTAT, 2011) often located in rural areas and less than 100 alberghi diffusis (ADI). Producing know-how in a targeted way is perhaps the main way to facilitate the creation of new businesses. Furthermore, it can help existing ones to increase their incomes, investments and employment.
Contact us. You'll be happy about that.
"Mandi" (typical greeting in the Friulian language meaning: "stay with God")
Maurizio Droli, European Ph.D.


Enlightening agroforestry system - paese albergo interactions: early findings discussed

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Enlightening agroforestry system - paese albergo interactions: early findings discussed
Call For Papers by Professor Livio Clemente Piccinini (link)
This was the issue explored by our (SISAD) study discussed at the 1th IPSAPA/ISPALEM International Scientific Conference "Paradise Lost of landscape-cultural mosaic. Attraction, Harmony, Atarassia" Venice (Italy) July, 6-7, 2017, Badoer Palace. Thanks to all the participants supplying such valuable inputs, the idea and the stimuli.


Since 2005 the IPSAPA conference focuses on the successful keyword "landscape-cultural mosaic." Sometimes it prevailed realism, sometimes economics, sometimes evolutionary dynamics, sometimes the pursuit of excellence. This year will confirm the return to the domain of imagination and fascination of discovery, taking the line of the conferences of 2009 and 2010, named respectively "The backstage of the landscape-cultural mosaic . Invisible, Inaccessible, Inexistent" and "Wonderland in the landscape-cultural mosaic. Idea, Image, Illusion" . The fantastic invention was present in part in the 2013 conference entitled "Utopias and dystopias in the landscape-cultural mosaic. Visions, Values, Vulnerability". The unstructured reality was the subject of the last conference (2016) entitled "Erratic of the landscape-cultural mosaic. Emotion, Energy, Experience "

This year we were inspired by a profound and argumentative book due to Stefano Zecchi, entitled "Paradise of the West: our decadence and the seduction of the night". We ask the participants to join together the dreamy fantasy to the conscious rediscovery of the values ​​of our ancient culture, taking examples where the free creation is able to overcome the heavy constraints of formalism, legal even before design.

The title of the book by Zecchi peremptorily reminds John Milton’s poem from which we took our title. One of the highlights is precisely Satan’s command "Awake, arise, or be forever fall’n", which can sum up the essence of his book.

This conference invites to exemplify and to discuss cases where the innovative solution came from breaking the traditional mold or even neo-traditional uncritical imitation of novelty. We all know the brilliant example of the Beaubourg (Centre G. Pompidou) by Renzo Piano of the Seventies, but it is not compulsive that we should only look at today, because even the past has presented moments of enthusiastic creativity, just think of Brunelleschi. The novelty of these last hundred / hundred and fifty years is the accumulation of technology, which, according to some authors, tends to sterilize the creative ability, even if carpets his works with a spectacular scenery, not linked otherwise to any context so that therefore must be considered as delocated. For the modernists this can be good, for others, substantially historicist and even romantic, it is leading to the "night in which all cats are gray". However, one can not but bow before Michelucci with his station of Santa Maria Novella and his Church of St. John the Baptist on the Autostrada del Sole, which enhance Florence as if they were its new doors.

Deep down lurks the eternal debate between knowledge and skill, knowledge that you can teach in an analytical and systematic way and skill, that can be learnt only stealing it from someone who is already past through, trying to imitate his example. But do not forget that in a lucid page of his autobiography (pag.356) the founder of artificial intelligence, Nobel laureate Herbert Simon, says that the construction of expert systems obliges us to understand and also to codify what was previously considered a creative asset linked to the experience, so that even the synthesis can become the object of teaching as already it has always been for the analysis.

It is always the eternal debate between scientism and humanism, and even this meeting should bring voices from both sides, overcoming the cultural Manichaeism from which perhaps is suffering even Zecchi’s book. It is no coincidence that in our interpretation we wanted to challenge it with the verse of Milton's Paradise Lost that invites you to use all the tools of reason and science to regain Paradise.

But then the spark of creativity must always be present, otherwise there is the risk of making an honest but trivial copy of what already exists or that anyhow is a trivial result of the rules. This is what can be summed up in the concept of “state of art”. Participants at the conference will present real or potential examples and here it becomes essential their contribution to tell us where creation arose, or to explain why one cannot find amy original contribution. This meeting / clash between knowledge and skill characterizes all progress both scientific and artistic and cultural.

It would be nice that in every summary a moment of reflection were reserved on this point. essential for the interpretation of the value of the works described (or planned). Even the example of a not yet realized project or a theory not yet defined may fall in the interest of the conference, especially if it underlines points still under discussion.


The 'Albergo Diffuso' has been recognized (but not as a 'hotel') in South Tyrol

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A recent ('ommibus') law adopted in South Tyrol, Italy recognizes the Albergo Diffuso as an original hospitality model. This represents a significant achievement considering that that region was the latest one to recognize that model. Nevertheless, that law introduces diseconomies, at the same time. E.g., it recognizes the alberghi diffusis but doesn't include them within existing hotel accomodations, formally. Ambiguity hardly helps entrepreneurs to communicate originality. Such ambiguity will probably be an additional issue requiring the be managed for the future.
Our hope is to see this macroscopic gap erased in the next future.



Campania Costa Castelli: which is the role played by the Albergo Diffuso in the achievement of your targets?

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Campania Costa Castelli: which is the role played by the Albergo Diffuso in the achievement of your targets?
The new network called Campania Costa Castelli (CCC), which has been established by fourteen entrepreneurial realities in Campania among which the Grand Hotel Parker's in Naples, the Plana Resort in Castel Volturno, has just set up the ambitious goals of activating investments for over 72 million euros and creating 320 new jobs.  To achieve these objectives, CCC plans to recover some realities of the architectural and environmental heritage of Campania that today are in a state of abandonment to create "new hotel concepts" such as the Wellness Hotel, the Albergo Diffuso (litterally translated in "scattered hotel"), the Eco Hotel and the hotels of charm (link). However, the Albergo Diffuso seems to be the most recent of those "new hotel concepts" here mentioned. Ok, it is well known that the Albergo Diffuso it is not a new one in absolute terms because of its name dating back to 1982 (architect Carlo Toson's and poet Leonardo Zanier's name) and a further Dall'Ara's model of hospitality.  Nevertheless, the wellness hotel, eco-hotels and charming hotels are based on concepts having lots more life.  It is expected that CCC will focus more on alberghi diffusis than on the others hospitality models mentioned to develop new its "versions" increasingly suitable for those seeking wellness, environmental sustainability and high-end services. These could be innovative enough to increase the tourist attractiveness of places on the international market. From here it could be possible to progressively increase financial efficiency, equity and environmental sustainability of investments.

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