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Didactic Method

The research and didactic system used by SISAD allows AD's operators to get opportunities such as: low cost flight, which are cheaper than all travels with other means of transport; the "all online" policy used by most flight companies, and by online tour operators; increase of 3-4 night stay time; and others.

This system involves also matters of:

  • increase of AD offer in Italy
  • increase of guarantees asked to AD's by tour operators and agencies in order to include them in their catalogs
  • increase of demand for exclusive and expensive offers (lodging, restaurant, recreational activities), but also for standardized and cheap ones.

The SISAD system focuses on:

  • getting these opportunities, and other ones;
  • limiting these troubles, and other ones;
  • planning new workshops, which can produce solutions to problems and better working devices.

This "custom" system can get tangible results for every driver of corporate and territorial development such as:

  • effectiveness, as regards international awareness of the location, lodging demand, increase of offer in low season, and so on;
  • efficiency: guests' expenses, assets' profitability, and so on;
  • equity: incomes for partners, benefits for local communities, involvement of "weak subjects", and so on;
  • ecological sustainability: maintenance of paths, conservation of natural assets, investments on historical and archaeological areas
    financial sustainability:

Comments by participants of previous workshops have been inserted into the "News archive" section; if you want to know more, we invite you to read those.

Note: SISAD offers a research service about demand, offer and intermediation of AD's, which do not cause an "interest clash" with the need of "tangibility" of the workshops. These workshops do not involve promotional contents about professional services given by SISAD and by teaches (whose brief CV is online, and whose long-form one can be consulted by request).

N.B.: SISAD offers added services of research which not constitute conflict of interests with the necessity to be concrete in the organized seminars. The seminars are free in their promotional content about possible professional services offered by qualified lecturers of the single seminars whose CV’s can be consulted on-line and at S.I.S.A.D. too.