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Welcome to the SISAD's website.

The International School Specializing in the Albergo Diffuso is one of the main actors involved in promoting the methodologies of Albergo Diffuso in Italy and at international level (See IDEASS Programme brochure).

The SISAD is:

  • in charge of training for the national Alberghi Diffusi's association;
  • promoted by EBN (European Business Network) and UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) among the 4 related Associations;
  • not a typical school, as its costs would be too high compared to income from potential users;
  • instead, a series of technical services, created in November 2004, through an agreement with Giancarlo Dall'Ara and the CEOs of 5 alberghi diffusis (litterally translated in "scattered hotels") operating within the Friuli Venezia Giulia region - Italy.

So, behind SISAD there are the real needs of the entrepreneurs working in this field. SISAD's goal is to supply them with knowledge and devices, in order to create and manage this kind of firms. Our contribution to Albergo Diffuso is the 13-year long making of a state-of-the-art, simple but effective path, which simplifies planning, organizing, promoting and supporting a firm which works for "Ospitalità Diffusa" and in general every Public Private Partnership operating in the Tourism field. This methodology is called "Public Private Partnering for Tourism Development" (see "Media" section).
In fact, Alberghi Diffusi, Paesi Albergo and other IRD (scattered model of hospitality) are new-generation tourism products. E.g. a traditional Albergo Diffuso is 3 different things simultaneously:

  • a hotel; it has at least 7 rooms, a reception service (between 10 and 16 hours per day), a restaurant service (inside the hotel, or via catering suppliers) and assistance during day and night, and so on;
  • a firm with something more than a traditional hotel; the rooms buildings are al least 2, spread in a village, conceived for resident people, not for tourists, faithful to local tradition, and so on;
  • a community-based enterprise; local history, culture and tradition are the basis for wise and efficient tourism experiences throughout the year; these firms have not the same financial power of trading companies, they rarely manage allotments, they have trouble in negotiating lower prices with local service suppliers, and must largely involve their suppliers.

This innovative receptive formula (as far as products and production systems are concerned) creates matters related to co-marketing and strategic partnership among enterprises, civil institutions and local associations.  The success of firms in the field of Spreaded hospitality is related to staff's and partners' skills to co-operate in order to face economical crisis, more than other tourism firms does (i.e. traditional hotels, Agriturism or Camping). We try to help interested subjects to create a new offer, or to improve the income of an existing offer, thanks to services like the followings:
  • Outdoor-training meeting, Eductour and Thematic workshop organization, since 2005;
  • Local sensitivization forum organization (previous the analysis of the local offer), since 2007;
  • Planning-team assistance, since 2005;
  • Start-up training, since march 2009;
  • HR research, analysis, selection and training, since 2005;
  • Public and Private Management training, since September 2009;
  • Seminars to assess AD's Network, Club, Public-Private Partnerships, since September 2005.

The SISAD team, since 2004, has worked for 32 projects of virtuous partnership for the Albergo Diffuso, in Friuli Venezia Giulia (Trieste), Veneto (Venezia), Valle d'Aosta (Aosta), Trentino Alto Adige (Trento), Lazio (Roma), Tuscany regions, and emerging Central America countries like Panama, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Colombia, with the aim of helping people to face the current economical scenario.

Let's stay in touch!

Maurizio Droli

Lecturer in Tourism Marketing, Univestity of Udine (Friuli Venezia Giulia Region)
Training programme's responsible at National alberghi diffusi's association (ADI)

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