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  • Public Private Strategic Partnering

    The method which aims to increase the productivity of a group of 2 or more single organizations. See also "media" section.
  • Post-industrial tourism (tourist)

    The guest who is most interested in experiences rather than in products to buy or commodities. He demand "customized" activities, knows how to use the Internet, wants a strong local identity and great efficiency, seeks real relationship with inhabitants. It's also known as "3rd generation guest" (Dall'Ara) and follows the industrial-era tourist, more interested about standard, all-included offers, infrastructures, services dedicated to tourists and holiday. Post-industrialism represents one of the biggest opportunities for the small villages which hosts the alberghi diffusi.
  • Paese-Albergo (Village-Hotel)

    "A non-hotel tourism enterprise which organizes, promotes and manages singlehandedly lodging, restaurant, recreation services, offered within a single place, which often is a single village with a local identity, and coherent organization and demand (Droli). Is a kind of spreaded hospitality enterprise different and alternative to the Albergo Diffuso.